the art of healing & wellness with Rod Buckner

Rod Buckner has over 20 years' experience in massage and bodywork to help people move forward mentally, physically and spiritually.

How does Yoga help?

I teach Vinnyasa Krama as I learned it from Rod Stryker. Vinyasa Krama means masterful sequencing. I sequence poses to bring about the greatest amount of balance in the body/mind connection.

How yoga works in conjunction with massage

Yoga works in complete harmony with my other services. The essence of structural balancing and massageis to create greater harmony in every area of your life.

Ideally there would be a seamless flow from one area of one's life to another without pain, restriction, or discomfort, as long as there is the constant will to surrender.


I teach yoga at a couple of places in Springfield. The Downtown Family Y, and at Essential Yoga. If you would like more information on these classes, or to ask about private instruction or seminars for groups, please contact me.


I received my 500 hour certification in Springfield Missouri at Teach to Inspire Yoga teacher training facility. I am an E-RYT 500 rated instructor, and I base most of my ideas in theory from what I learned from Mrs. Beth Spindler, an E-RYT 500. She is an incredible instructor, a very fine individual, and a stellar yogini. I would refer anybody to her to train to become a teacher, or simply to expand their personal practice. I also have taken numerous workshops from Mr. Rod Stryker and I have trained with Sean Corn on several occasions. I have trained to be a Kundalini yoga instructor with Ravi Singh and Ana Brett, and been to Wanderlust on three occasions.