the art of healing & wellness with Rod Buckner

Rod Buckner has over 20 years' experience in massage and bodywork to help people move forward mentally, physically and spiritually.


I am pleased that I have been able to help and serve clients and friends. Some of their thoughts are below.

My highest recommendation

As a yoga teacher and one who works with physical well-being daily I have enormous respect for Rod Buckner’s skill. Rod’s professionalism is unparalleled and his focus on the client is undivided. He does no “one-size-fits-all” bodywork. Each client is handled uniquely, and my family and I have benefited greatly from Rod’s expertise.

In my own yoga work he helped my practice most in the area of breath. He helped me to expand my pranayama practice by work on muscles of the diaphragm and even helped me heal a deviated septum. His knowledge of yoga helps him comprehend the energetics of the body/mind connection giving his approach a deeper quality.

Rod’s work gets my highest recommendation.

Beth Spindler, ERYT, Executive Director
Teach to Inspire Yoga Education Center,Inc

A Cheerier Outlook on Life

I received ten series of structural integration from Rod resulting in improved posture. I stand straighter, sit without effort, and feel better than ever before. Rod and I have co-managed numerous people and with his structural and massage skills have helped improve muscle tone, eliminated adhesion, and increased blood flow where needed. Rod's clients leave their sessions with better posture which promotes a cheerier outlook on life.

Dr. Jr Kille D.C. - Perfect Health Wellness Chiropractic Center

I Enjoy Receiving Work from Rod

I've known Rod for over fifteen years; first as a student, then as a colleague. I can say he has a good eye and feel for the connective tissue network and its problems, and I enjoy receiving work from him. If you're looking for massage or deeper bodywork to move through life, try him!

Noah Karrasch

He's the Real Deal

There’s a lot of feel-good ‘fluff & buff’ advertised as therapeutic massage. Rod is the real deal. Talented, discerning and results-driven.

Steve Grant

Improved Quality of Life

Rod has been my massage therapist for over 12 years. He is schooled in many disciplines (techniques) and excellent in all of them. He is professional, personable, and caring. Rod has helped improve my quality of life by helping reduce my back and neck pain.

Mary Sheppard